I.   Home and Office Interiors:

Bathrooms:  *toilet repairs – plumbing leaks, tanks, wax rings, replacement, *vanity repairs and adjustments, *cabinet removal and resurfacing, *unclog/clear drains, *shower head replacement, *grab bar installation, *tile repair/grout, *painting & caulking

Living Rooms: *relocate or hang pictures and mirrors, *TV wall mounting and wiring, *stereo system troubleshooting/wiring, *WiFi and network installation, *repair furniture, *replace 120V receptacles or light switches, *adjust or replace ceiling fans and light fixtures, *install blinds and curtains, *apply window shade film, *replace lightbulbs, *fix a faulty lamp or can light, *adjust AC vents, *install or adjust accent lighting, *painting & caulking

Bedrooms: *trim molding repair or install, *drywall repair, *flooring demolition/ carpet removal, *door refinishing and hanging/ replacement, *furniture assembly and repair, *TV & stereo system, *painting & caulking

Office Areas: *cabinetry adjustment or demolition, *nameplate install, *picture/mirror hanging, *blinds and curtains install/adjust, *art piece or marketing display panel fabrication, *network wiring

Garage/Store Rooms: *garage door install or adjustment, *shelving assembly or fabrication, *concrete crack repair and painting, *electrical, *storage room erection up to 12’x12′, *weatherproofing

II.   Home and Office Exteriors:

General Maintenance and Repair: *pressure wash the house, sidewalk, driveway, parking area, *clear/repair gutters, *remove dangerous nails or screws, *paint & caulk, *weatherproof wooden components, *replace faulty hardware, *furniture repair and relocation, *general inspection, assessment, and actions recommendation

Grounds Maintenance: *fencing & gate repairs or replacement, *new drainage, *flowerbed refresh, weed control, and mulch application, *bed line defining, *grass cutting and trimming, *lawnmower/ trimmer maintenance & repair, *walkway lighting, *shrub trimming, *plant thinning and soil turns, *troubleshoot a water feature


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